Team-Building, Leadership Facilitation, and Coaching for New & Experienced Leaders

  • Certified Professional Coach DDI Advanced Trainer, Targeted Selection
  • PMI NJ Career Development panelist and speaker April and October 2017
  • Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching 2017 Bridges to Community

Dynamic Success: Coach, Consultant, Facilitator

Career Stream Coaching
Reshape your thoughts to reshape your world.
Architect your career more flexibly...leverage the unexpected to refine your direction.

As a catalyst for individual and organizational change, we provide perspective through leadership coaching and training as you define and re-define your journey.

What We Offer

Leadership Coaching, Workshops, and Teambuilding, starting with a free results-oriented consultation


Appreciate the Corporate Butterflies

When I worked at Aetna, I saw a business model I loved...the type of consultant I wanted to be "when I grew up." My mentor would come in, flutter around and evaluate each of our projects, and flutter away to her next engagement. In her wake, we would either feel completely validated or like she understood where we were trying to go and had just offered enough thought-provoking questions to send us back to START OVER.

In my experience, people who generously share their expertise across...


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